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Tigrent Learning UK is a subsidiary of US-headquartered parent company, Tigrent Inc. As part of a worldwide expansion plan that first focused on English-speaking countries, the origins of Tigrent Learning UK date back to 2001.

Complementing our experience in North America, our property-based investing and financial instruments investing training programmes have met with resounding success UK-wide. Over the past year alone, Tigrent Learning UK has conducted nearly 100 training sessions that over 3,000 customers attended throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Basic Training

Building Wealth™: Building Wealth is designed to teach people how to build and preserve wealth, start or manage a business and how to benefit through investing in property in any market condition.

Women in Wealth™: The creation of a dedicated Women in Wealth brand was borne out of years of knowledge and feedback derived from successful women. We help women better define a wealth-building strategy that can, over time, lead to financial freedom.

Business Success System™: This programme is designed to teach people how to build and preserve wealth, start or manage a business, and how to benefit through investing.The team of inspirational trainers at Business Success System has helped entrepreneurs make their fortunes in any market.

Making Money from Property with Martin Roberts: This programme offers customers a property-based curriculum that focuses on how and why to buy at auction. This brand reflects the property expertise of Martin Roberts, a household name in the UK best known for presenting a leading television programme about buying "under the hammer" as well as his journalistic background in property. Customers are taught about buying at auction as well as understanding the difference between income and capital growth strategies, negotiating transactions and buying properties overseas.

Property Academy with Robbie Fowler: Property Academy will help you define a clear path towards long-term sustainable wealth, teaching investment strategies currently implemented throughout the UK such as Social Housing, Buy-To-Let, Lease Options and Land Development.

Rich Dad Education™: Currently two Rich Dad Education programmes are offered to students - "Rich Dad Learn to Be Rich" focuses on property investing and "Rich Dad Stock Success Workshops" focuses on financial instruments education. These courses are based on the teachings and philosophies of Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Teach Me To Trade: The overall training curriculum focuses on establishing you as an educated investor and trader. You will learn the importance of analysing stocks before you buy them and how to determine the direction and volatility of the industry. We will then enhance your abilities to use all of today's most advanced leverage tools including shorting and spread betting.

Advanced Training

Tigrent Learning provides advanced training that uses an integrated approach to provide customers with the knowledge, skill, tools and techniques they can apply to create wealth. Course content is presented through a combination of live sessions, field training, property sourcing, mentoring and independent study. Customers also may take home study courses delivered online and through multi-media presentations. Telephone and face-to-face support is made available to assist customers in designing a customized, personal training plan, tailored to individual needs, preferences, resources and learning styles.

  • Advanced Property Training Programmes

    Supplying customers with comprehensive advanced property training, Tigrent Learning transports customers beyond the basics - deepening financial knowledge, sharpening skills and increasing their individual arsenal of wealth-building tools.

    Through an outstanding course curriculum that covers every possible facet of the property investment process from start to finish, Tigrent Learning training programmes go beyond mere content to give customers hands-on, in-the-field experience with a focus on how to apply their knowledge to the real world as quickly and financially viable as possible.
  • Advanced Financial Instruments Training Programmes

    For customers who want to take their net worth to the next level by building a profitable portfolio from trading the markets, they will gain a powerful investment advantage through Tigrent Learning's Advanced Financial Instruments Training Programmes. These intensified training courses are led by trainers who share proven techniques on how to maximize investment opportunities within any market condition by using various trading strategies.


Tigrent Learning regularly supports Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK

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